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PostSubject: No More   Tue Sep 09, 2014 12:32 pm

what makes you think we don't feel?
who gave you the right to judge us on our different look?
when did we stop having a heart?

To you our scars are cries for attention
to you knives don't hurt us
to you your words to affect us
to you that messy note is an attitude problem
to you this is our choice
it's believed to be our own lifestyle

to us it's a curse
to us it's our distraction
to us your words cut deep
to us those scars are familiar
to use that rope is a true friend

But it shouldn't be either.

To everyone, those scars should be battle scars
to everyone, they should be recognised
to everyone, they should be protected
to everyone, they should be helped
to everyone, they have hearts too
to everyone, the hurt too
to everyone,
They are people too.

Their cries go uncomforted
their pain goes unacknowledged
their suffering they do in silence
their hurt they mask so well.
They suffer alone,
not because they want to,
but because they're scared they will be hated instead of loved

But No more.
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No More
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