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 A cool bass I made for a new song (Reason 5)

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A cool bass I made for a new song (Reason 5) Empty
PostSubject: A cool bass I made for a new song (Reason 5)   A cool bass I made for a new song (Reason 5) Icon_minitimeThu Sep 25, 2014 3:09 pm

Hey guys, Contrail here.
Thought I'd share a neat bass I made while messing around with Thor the other day. It's kind of complicated so bear with me and
don't hesitate to ask if there's anything you're wondering about. Let's go!

Start out with making a Combinator and put a Line Mixer 6:2 and a RV7000 as an aux effect. Then make a Thor and turn on all
oscillators, the first one will be an analog oscillator set to saw at octave 4. The second one will be an analog oscillator with a square
wave and a relatively low PW (mine is at 16), also at octave 4 but at 7 semitones higher than oscillator 1. The third one will be
an FM pair oscillator - octave 3 - with both carrier and modulator set to 1 and the FM to 0. An analog oscillator set to sine works too,
but I don't trust it to be a true sine shape.

Now you turn on the "Osc 2 sync to Osc 1" (the little arrow to the left of oscillator 2) and turn the "AM from Osc 2" up to max. The
first filter is going to be a state variable filter set to peak at about 200Hz and with a resonance at 48.

This is where the fun part begins. In Thor's modulation bus (the part just below the oscillators) choose oscillator 3 as source and
oscillator 1 FM as destination. This makes the third oscillator work as a modulator for the first one. For some extra taste use the
shaper mode set to sine at 69 drive.

Next up is a Unison. This is to get some width in the sound without altering the sound itself. W're going to use 16 voices and the
dry/wet knob all the way to wet, but we're going to turn down the detune knob to 0. After the Unison it's time for some distortion.
Create a Scream 4 and set the damage type to "Overdrive". Turn Parameter 1 to max and Parameter 2 to min.

Now we are getting close to the final sound, but to prevent clipping and creating a more dynamically even sound we need to
compress it. Make an M-class compressor and turn the threshold to about -13dB and the ratio to somewhere around 16:1. Turn down
the attack time to 0 and adjust the output gain if needed.
Pro tip: turn the compressor on and off, is the compressed sound lower in volume? Turn the output gain up until it's equal!

Next up is some more distortion. Another Scream 4 with the damage type to "Tube" this time. Play around with the parameter knobs
to get a sound you like. Then turn down the master knob to about 60, so we won't hurt our ears alien  This one isn't 100% necessary,
but it gives the sound a bit more crunch and I just love tube distortion...

That's pretty much it! Don't be afraid to play around with all the knobs to create your own version. If you know your DAW in and out
you can make anything!

Here's a clip of what it sounds like. I have automated the frequency of the peak filter and the reverb dry/wet knob to have the reverb
start at the end of the tone so it doesn't mess up the original sound.

I added another Thor for some overtones. I made a wavetable with "Logic Or" and set the position to 24 because I liked the sound of
that. As I said above, play around with stuff! Experiment!

Contrail out

Take this poison from your mind.
Who knows you might be gone by this time tomorrow and,
I don't know where we're goin
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A cool bass I made for a new song (Reason 5)
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