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 Hello from Pittsburgh, PA - USA

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PostSubject: Hello from Pittsburgh, PA - USA   Thu Oct 16, 2014 1:02 am

Hello Everyone!

My name is Shawn (aka Prox), a 22 year old from Pittsburgh, PA in the US of A. I figured I would tell you a little bit about me because that is how those introduction things work right?

Simply, I am a computer-techy and music nut.

I been working in the Information Technology field for the past three years and truly do love it. It is great that I am able to spend most of the hours out of my day doing something I actually do enjoy. The only issue with this? I can be burned out when I get home after a days work. My solution: Pick-up something I always wanted to learn to do - that something being music.

I have recently begun teaching myself Bass Guitar within the past three months or so after experiencing years of plateauing and intimidation. I am also finally beginning to mess around with Digital Audio Workstations and am taking a couple courses on Digital Audio Production on Coursera & Lynda.com to jump-start my studies. I also began to dust off my old keyboard to begin some practicing.

Where did I come from? Like most of you I am sure, I came from following Dave’s YouTube Channel throughout the past year. The channel alone got me motivated to get off my feet and begin learning once again. I hope he realizes how much of an impact, motivation, and inspiration he truly is in others’ lives. Thanks Dave! I also have to thank all of you for giving him the views – or else I would never find the channel. I also want to thank computers and the internet and YouTube. Chairs should be thanked – I do not think it would be very comfortable to chat with you all without them. Keyboards and mice too, those are nice. Oh, let’s not forget monitors and desks.
Sorry for my poor attempt at humor, I am as socially awkward as it gets. Very Happy

Music wise, I am into all types of music. I love to listen to just about everything, but in particular I really enjoy metal, folk metal, disco, and reggae. I also have a sweet spot for Zef rap-rave. (I think my Last.fm account might explain my tastes better than I could: http://www.last.fm/user/sbellmusic )

I am excited to meet all you slices, commence the baking, and raise the loaf!

Much love,
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Hello from Pittsburgh, PA - USA
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