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 Ionika - Drop it down (Contrail remix)

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Ionika - Drop it down (Contrail remix) Empty
PostSubject: Ionika - Drop it down (Contrail remix)   Ionika - Drop it down (Contrail remix) Icon_minitimeSat Oct 18, 2014 10:21 am

Here's the end result of a WIP I posted over at the works in progress section. It started out as just a track and then I found these amazing vocals that happened to fit perfectly with my theme, so I put them in there and messed around with the melody and chord progression until I was happy with it and this is how it ended up!

Take this poison from your mind.
Who knows you might be gone by this time tomorrow and,
I don't know where we're goin
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Ionika - Drop it down (Contrail remix)
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