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 Hello !!

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PostSubject: Hello !!   Thu Nov 06, 2014 9:30 pm

Hi !
So. I'm Tristan, I'm 19, but i'll prefer to be called Aki, and yeah, so I'm French. My english isn't probably perfect, so I might make mistakes and I'll be happy if you'd be kind enough to point it out.
I'll probably share cool sciences stuff I might find, some stuff about my language if some are interested in it.
I'll also probably see what there is about learning japanese since I'm interested in anime, good at self-learning stuff and multitasking.
And I joined mostly because I wanted to begin a set of short novels I'd like to get critics on.

I'm also a gamer, and I don't actually have many friends to play with so it might be funny, even if I'm not really confortable with my speaking.
So. Well. I don't know what more I could say. If you want to know more about me, i'll enjoy answering your questions.
I could speak about my tastes in music or anime or games, but still I don't want to spread myself too much.

Bye !!!

PS : Since I never wrote a forum introduction that short, I'll play a bit with the commands.

 -> Really funny lyrics :p

I found that old screenshot ! Sweet memories.
Fun in the lair of Onyxia:
I think this one was my fault. I was tanking as a paladin, and that boss bumps the players oftenly all around the room. And there is one corner of the room where there are eggs. If you fell on those, they hatch on produce those tiny cute dragons.
I used a spell that roots a person while making it invulnerable. Thought it would save him. But instead it made the dragons pop by dozens. Laughing
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Hello !!
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