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 I'm Harmony, and I like music.

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PostSubject: I'm Harmony, and I like music.   Tue Dec 02, 2014 10:35 am

Hello Homeslices! My name is Harmony and, fittingly, my passion is music. I play piano (well, keyboard) and am learning Bass Guitar, which I have COMPLETELY fallen in love with and am currently awful at. We all start somewhere, right? I have a while bunch of strange instruments in my house, ranging from a thunder tube to a didgeridoo (I'm still figuring out the whole circular breathing thing). I'd love to collaborate with others, but at the moment I don't have quite the right equipment to record anything ^^; I promise I am actively working on that! And, hey, if you ever want to make some French House...I'm right here Smile

Edit: A cool fact I thought y'all might want to know is that I have synesthesia. Grapheme-Colour and Sound-Visual :33!

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I'm Harmony, and I like music.
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