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 Hello I'm Haydn.

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PostSubject: Hello I'm Haydn.   Tue Dec 30, 2014 8:45 pm

i didn't know this place existed until this morning (because somebody mentioned it in the Facebook group).....
so, yeah I'm Australian, i have almost had 4 years of experience with making electronic music, and i record local bands and stuff as a hobbie. i have been playing guitar for most of my life and have also been getting singing lessons for a while now. I'm thinking of making a youtube channel and doing tutorials and what not (not sure about starting one though). I have also been learning Japanese for a bit over a year now and at an intermediate stage and can understand most stuff that is said when talking to people. anyway this community seems like something i would love to get into!

This is one of my Heavy DnB tracks I wrote about 6 months ago called "Thunder"

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Hello I'm Haydn.
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