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 Goals for tomorrow!

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PostSubject: Goals for tomorrow!   Wed Aug 27, 2014 7:35 pm

Evening homeslices!

I've done my goals for today (finishing a picture and writing a video script). My goals for tomorrow will be sketching and watching animation tutorials. Bonus points for playing with watercolours.

Do any of you have goals for tomorrow?
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PostSubject: Re: Goals for tomorrow!   Tue Sep 09, 2014 6:00 pm

I've finished my goals today as I wrote part of a song and recorded some vocals(for a collab) and after that I started singing in a choir also today.

My goals for tomorrow is that I'll try to write/finish writing the Lyrics to the song and also start recording the rest of the vocals for the collaboration I'm doing .

Music is the thing that helps us dream... and for some... music is their dream.
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PostSubject: Re: Goals for tomorrow!   Mon Sep 29, 2014 9:26 am

My goal for today was to not skip class and have a nice dinner. Overslept and I have nothing but pasta...

My goals for tomorrow will be to separate my music production session into two parts and focus on one thing at a time. I've found it being much easier to focus either on sound design or arrangement, not blending them together. This will make it so much easier to control your workflow.

Example: I'm arranging a drum and bass song, and I notice that something is missing in the drop. I open a notepad and write down what I could put in there and then continue arranging with imaginative basses or percussion etc. Then a few hours I sit down and make that awesome bass and don't think about the arrangement at all.

To start making a sound while arranging a track cause something is missing hinders your workflow. You could have been done with the arrangement by the time that bass is done and then you don't know where to continue.

Take this poison from your mind.
Who knows you might be gone by this time tomorrow and,
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PostSubject: Re: Goals for tomorrow!   

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Goals for tomorrow!
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