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 The Fiestasaurus Channel

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PostSubject: The Fiestasaurus Channel   The Fiestasaurus Channel Icon_minitimeThu Aug 28, 2014 7:18 am

Hello there, Homeslices.
As you might've deduced, I have a YouTube channel. A channel about Videogames, but I don't do Let's Plays.
What do I do? At the time three different things.

1) Taking a video game (or something else, maybe) and searching it for flaws and information that could change one's view on the game in question.
2) Searching videogames for stuff you can learn from it, and explaining it. This can be rather far-fetched.
3) Taking a title or name from anything at all and making a short and absurd sketch.

Here's a link to my favourite video:

And here's the link to my channel:

I hope some of you guys enjoy it!

I don't always speak the truth, but when I do, I lie about it
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The Fiestasaurus Channel
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