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PostSubject: Cosplay Blog   Cosplay Blog Icon_minitimeSun Aug 31, 2014 7:00 pm

Hey guys, I thought I'd share the Cosplay Blog I run and a bit about it.

I saw a lot of people talk about how much they wanted to cosplay but felt uncomfortable with the attention or had a body issue that made wearing costumes difficult for them to get into. I also saw a lot of people talk about how they lacked the money and means (and sometimes ability) to create or buy costumes and actually get to conventions.

At the same time I really enjoyed dressing as a character during the day. It was fun and a confidence boost on days I was down. So when I began making outfit posts of things I could buy to remind myself and dumping them all on a blog to remember I began receiving requests and messages asking to help with peoples own casual cosplays I started to make them more as guides and included budget cosplays, variations, collections etc. At the moment I'm also focusing on expanding the artwork included and branch out into other aspects. Anyway if this seems like your kinds thing take a peek Smile
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