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 Leaving it for now ^^

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Leaving it for now ^^ Empty
PostSubject: Leaving it for now ^^   Leaving it for now ^^ Icon_minitimeMon Sep 01, 2014 6:32 pm

I guess I will give up trying to record any songs for now. Not because it's not fun or isn't working out or anything like that! It's just the mic really isn't that great. I bought it a long time ago for a cheap price and it took me over a year to get it to work - mostly because it ended up in a drawer when I couldn't get it to work the first month and I kind of forgot about it until this group started. It's blocking out noise really well and such, but it's blocking out too much I would say. No matter what I try with settings and stuff I always sound a little bit muffled, almost like I'm trying to sing with a pillow over my mouth. Not really not that bad, but not far from it. Also I would say it's compressing the voice too much. Is that the right way to explain it? You know, no matter how high I sing or how much I scream and risk eviction for disturbing my poor neighbors, the mic makes it sound like I'm humming a happy little tune. It's just no fun when it turns out like that no matter what I do, so I will leave it for the moment. I might try and get a better mic one day, but it's not my number one priority right now since I'm just playing around anyway.

For the entertainment of you guys I will still post a song that a friend of mine recorded for me over three years ago, just because my grandma couldn't go to the karaoke at the club, so she could hear a few of the songs anyway. Laugh at my horrible Swenglish and... do whatever you do Very Happy

Disclaimer: I will take NO responsibility for any nightmares, shivers, goosebumps or other negative effects you may suffer. I also take no responsibility for any lowering of your intelligence for listening to this. Proceed at your own risk.

"Let's eat grandpa!"
"Let's eat, grandpa!"
Commas saves lives.
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Leaving it for now ^^
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