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 A song comprised of different genres

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A song comprised of different genres  Empty
PostSubject: A song comprised of different genres    A song comprised of different genres  Icon_minitimeFri Sep 05, 2014 2:23 pm

Okay so this song I had made a while ago (the first bit of the whole song) was sitting around in my files and I thought maybe I should go back to it and do something with it.
I started getting more elements in and messing with them, and then I had a sudden thought about that scene in charlie and the chocolate factory (orig) with the boat and though it might be a cool sample (my brain works stupidly so i thought about this mid making of the song).
Then I went and collected the sample and decided that it might be nice in something a bit drum and bass like, so I was fiddling in the same project from the start and it just sort of worked so I built from there.
The song itself has some strange stuff in but I just really had fun making it and thought seeing as I haven't posted any of my stuff here yet it would be something I could share here (I did post it to soundcloud a long time since but still like it)

Dk DiamondBeats/Poiper1997
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A song comprised of different genres
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