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 An ambitious idea

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PostSubject: An ambitious idea   An ambitious idea Icon_minitimeSun Sep 07, 2014 3:42 pm

Hey homeloaf, I've been coming up with an idea to try and bring all of the sectors of the loaf together through he medium of a short film. its a plan that i would like to get the writers involved: film makers, musicians and editors and anyone else who can put in there piece. But for now i want to get feedback from the slices on what they think about it.

the idea starts with the writers to write a scene for a short film, and after a deadline then each person can write a second scene based on someone else's first and repeat a few times until we have a few of 4-6 scene shorts, then the film makers get there bit in and film some of the scenes that they like, and upload it to where the music production peoples can make a sound track for some of the scenes they like and upload finally the editors and people who just want a vote can take the scenes they like and put them together into a short film, and as i said before anyone else with any other skill can put their piece in.

So there's the idea, any input would be great. thanks.
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An ambitious idea
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