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 Hey Homeslices! Returning BIABer

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Hey Homeslices! Returning BIABer Empty
PostSubject: Hey Homeslices! Returning BIABer   Hey Homeslices! Returning BIABer Icon_minitimeTue Feb 03, 2015 7:59 am


I used to be on BIAB a fair bit 2-3 years ago under aliases Vantool (Like the bus manufacturer) and TH-J but I'm just beginning to produce under this new alias Baphod...I dunno its kinda stupid, I was just thinking of Zaphod Bebblebrox and changed the letters around :/

Main reason for this is unlike before I actually want to try and get myself out there this time around so me coming back is mainly as means to get more involved in the scene as its been a year since I've really talked to any of you guys, allot of whom have moved on to do other things it seems.

You might have remembered some of my ambient stuff when I was just starting to get my stride with production but my current project is focused around minimal house, think Four Tet or Bonobo; Guys like that. Been doing a little bit of vocal work too but I'm yet to really get anything out there yet, and well...I may or may not have lost 3-4 months of work to a faulty hardrive :/.

But hey, I should have some music ready soon and I'm looking forward to catching up with you guys again Smile This is a really awesome community!

Baphod (TH-J/Vanto- Oh forget it...)

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Hey Homeslices! Returning BIABer
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