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 Capture the Flag-style Game

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PostSubject: Capture the Flag-style Game   Capture the Flag-style Game Icon_minitimeMon Apr 06, 2015 5:17 pm

I came up with an idea for a game while playing a game of Capture the Flag with a couple of friends.  I can't exactly do anything with it, though, until I have a programmer, and, well, I don't know any. So I thought maybe you home slices might be able to come help me?
We had talked about a group cosplay for Five Nights at Freddy's before the game, and while I was sitting around with my eyes on the opposite team, I thought about how cool it would be if I could keep an eye on the other team from just where I was standing keeping an eye on the flag. And then I'm pretty sure you can where my mind took me next.
It's called Capture the Guard. There are two teams, Gold and Purple (I tried to choose colors significant to the series), each composed of a Guard and a number of other animatronics (the ones in the actual games) filling up different roles between support, speedsters, strikers, and each seek out and attack the opposite team's guard, first one to do so wins. There are a bunch of mechanics from the original games, each team has to make sure that their own Puppet doesn't wake up, Golden Freddy still shows up whenever the Guard looks at a certain poster with that face on it, but there are more mechanics than that, especially given how players, guard and animatronics, now work together as a team. It's a bit like GMOD, in a way.
There are another ideas I have, but unless other people respond to this, I think it'd be a bit of a waste of time to type them all up. So, if you're interested in programming the game and setting it up, please, respond to this or send me a message. I'd love to actually see this realized.
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Capture the Flag-style Game
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