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 The secret world

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PostSubject: The secret world   The secret world Icon_minitimeFri May 22, 2015 4:52 pm

I was wondering if anyone of you is playing the secret world. ( www.thesecretworld.com )

For those who do no know the secret world:

The secret world is a mmorpg by funcom where you are part of one of the three big secret societies:
Dragon (that's the faction I am playing)

Main part of the storyline is that every Myth is actually real.

The game itselfs is a buy to play model . So you pay once and can play forever . It has DLCs but the basic game is so full of content that it'S not a "fuck im at the end ... so what now" moment.

What i love about this game is that it is a mixture of mmorpg and adventure . it is not just that kill this ... and then this ... than run there and than there like you might now off such many other mmorpgs .
you have quests where you have to solve riddles.
you have quests where you sneak around.
you have the typical killquest and the storyquest

The game itself is detailed to the peak. For example : in the first area "Solomon island " there are quiet a few cars around when you look around you find no car with the same carsign as one of the others.
Each quest which is given by a npc is introduced by a really great cinematic scene.
For those who love to dive into storys i really can recommend this game. even for those who might want to venture alone (it seems that only the dungeons and raids need a party at all ).

please forgive my bad grammar

for those who want to get in contact via Skype just pm me
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The secret world
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