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 Adventure RPG game using CryENGINE 3

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Merrick King

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PostSubject: Adventure RPG game using CryENGINE 3   Sat Sep 06, 2014 9:35 am


I'm pretty new to Homeloaf, but I've recently embarked on the colossal task of developing my own video game, and my partner Leo said that this is that place to ask around.

The game will hopefully be an open world adventure RPG, similar to Skyrim, which I am developing through CryENGINE 3 (http://www.crytek.com/cryengine/cryengine3/overview), and I'm currently looking for people interested in general map-making and game development, and anyone who's good with 3D modelling. In the future, we'll also need voice actors, programmers and creative writers to write lore and questlines.

If you're interested, let me know! Very Happy

(ps - just a demonstration of one map I've been cobbling together:
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PostSubject: Re: Adventure RPG game using CryENGINE 3   Sat Sep 06, 2014 2:56 pm

I'm not really good at programing or other tech-y stuff, but when you want to step forward i'd happily lend a hand on the lore, questlines and script writting. Just PM me if (and when) you need. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Adventure RPG game using CryENGINE 3   Sat Sep 06, 2014 5:14 pm

I can't programme and voice act and model and stuff, but wirting is something I might be able to help with.
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PostSubject: Re: Adventure RPG game using CryENGINE 3   Sat Sep 06, 2014 6:44 pm

I might be able to help with voice acting. It'd likely be terrible if I did though.

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PostSubject: Re: Adventure RPG game using CryENGINE 3   Sun Sep 07, 2014 9:52 am

Feel free to hit me up if you need any sound design/musical stuff/audio checkup. Would need to see the game a bit more fleshed out before I can say I can commit to a project but I'm always cool to jump on something if it's good!
I'm mainly worried at this point that the concept is not fleshed out in terms of story and the fact that a open world skyrim like RPG is going to take a metric shitton of dialogue and story writing wich so far absolutely lacks from your description of the project.

Previous experience:
producing and composing for small theater shows for 4+ years now
Worked on Airmech by Carbon games (Minor audio quality checkup and fixing stuff)
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Merrick King

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PostSubject: Re: Adventure RPG game using CryENGINE 3   Tue Sep 09, 2014 10:01 am

Hello, homeslices!

For creating this, we're going to be  using the CryEngine 3 free SDK (info: http://www.crytek.com/cryengine/cryengine3/overview || download: http://www.crydev.net/dm_eds/download_detail.php?id=4), possible talking to CryTek about licensing if we ever want to make some money from this. When we get ourselves going a bit more and we work out who's doing what, we'll set ourselves up officially on CryTek's forums, and maybe find other randomers on the interwebs to help.

At the moment, our main requirements are map-makers, 3D modellers and anyone good with graphics. If you're hoping to do stuff like music, lore writing, voice acting or programming, that's fine too, we just won't need you for a while. CryEngine 3 is super easy to use, so as long as you know how to work a computer, you can always learn the stuff needed for what we need now.

---The Idea---
General gameplay:
Whilst our game will probably never be as big, general gameplay and structure will hopefully function similarly to Skyrim/Oblivion. We want a huge, open-world game where the player is free to do whatever they want, but in contrast to, say, FarCry 3/Assasin's Creed 4, we don't just want side mission, we want proper quests.

What makes the game unique:
The unique part of this game is that it will be spread over a number of generations. As society and technologies develop, new weapons, vehicles, armours and spells will be created. In addition, the player will have a position in the social heirachy, and the player's family will move up in society through the generations, which I want to be a strong part of the game.

How this'll all work:
The timeline for the game will be split into periods of time, or eras. Some eras will have quests specific to them, some will have quests that  must be completed over several eras, and some can just be completed in any. Every era will have specific, main story-line quests, which once completed will allow the player to progress to the next era.
When progressing to the next era, skipping forwards between one and two decades, the player may pick what they spend that time doing (i.e. working, so that in the next era they have more money).
After several eras, the player must marry, then the following era must raise their child. Who the player marries and how they raise their child then determines the child's base stats, before the player essentially then bcomes that child. This is the main way in which the player will level up, and is how the game functions over many years. In addition, who the player marries and their actions over that era affects their social standing.
Finally, I want players to be able to have children with other species, allowing the player to change species if they later decide against it. (You know that thing when you first played Skyrim where you later restart the whole game because you wanted to play as a different species? Yeah, it gets rid of that.)

---The Lore---
The races:
Humans are strong willed, all-round characters, who specialise in lightning magic. They are also very strong with technology, and strive for scientific power under the rule of their King.
The Maqular and their Grand Mage are descendents of birds, who first learnt to control the magics of the wind, and are the sorcerers and self-appointed peace-keepers of the realm.
The Minch are creatures like tall ferrets, great in numbers, who reside underground to avoid the harsh heats in their deserts, or the harsh winters in their arctic realm. Despite their agile nature, they and their Cheiftain are determined and unmovable, like the Earth magics they use.
Dracolai are the reclusive dragon-tamers of the mountains. Orcish in appearance and tribal in nature, they live as Spartans under their Dragon Lord, practising their fire magics.
Finally, the Sra, tall, graceful, elflike beings with feline features have almost faded into legend, living as one with nature under the Lady of the Sra, employing their water magics for healing.

---The Storyline---
The King of the realm, Zarvalian, though a hearty and courageous, was in fact greedy and manipulative, with a dark cunning with which he planned to usurp the thrones of the other leaders. When the time came, he slaughtered the Lord of the Dracolai and the Grand Mage of the Maqular. The Chieftain of the Minch and Lady of the Sra managed to disappeared, forgotten in time, as the King lay on death's door.
At that moment, a Celara, an angelic and immortal being who carries the dying to the afterlife, descended down to the King. Seizing the moment, Zarvilian betrayed the trust of even the being who would guide him to bliss, using forgotten and forbidden spenecromancy to trap the Celara within his soul, making him immortal.
The benevolent brother of the King, seeing the evil of his Zarvilian, betrayed the king's trust and arrogance, stabbing him in the back as he dined alone. However although mortally wounded, the king did not die, and the next morning his brother was hanged for treason. Despite the best efforts of the city guard, his wife and only child escaped to an outlying village, exiles from the City of Traive.
The tyranny of the King held the allegiance of all humans, with the residence of the capital, Traive, dwelling in comfort and prosperity. Whilst the Sra hid, protected by their deadly forests, the Dracolai challenged the King, enraged by the inhonourable slaughter of their Dragon Lord, leading to their massacre. The few that remained retreated to the peaks of the Ceru Mountains, the son of the Dragon Lord taking his throne.
Following the loss of their Grand Mage, the Maqular formed a Council of Leaders, secluded within their towers as impartial observers. The Minch, now the only race with the numbers to oppose the King's forces, rallied and prepared in their cavernous cities.
Torn to pieces by the King's powerful but corrupt magics, the realm lays torn, their once mighty continent fractured...

--- ---

CryEngine 3 is super-easy to use, so if you guys who are still interested want to download and have a play around with that, then great.

What I do ask is that everyone involved takes on some initiative. Whilst I will have final say in all creative matters relating to the game, I don't want to have to tell everyone what I want doing, I want you to talk amongst yourselves and work out what needs doing, then do it Smile

Finally, if you can find any more interested people, please get them involved Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Adventure RPG game using CryENGINE 3   Tue Jan 13, 2015 7:25 pm

I'm alright at 3D Modelling and Art, I'm also rather good at scripts, voice acting and humour, so that's a thing. I'd say I can do programming but I have only ever used CryEngine once and good grief that was a disaster, houses burnt down, people died, people burnt down wow everything just went so very wrong
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PostSubject: Re: Adventure RPG game using CryENGINE 3   

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Adventure RPG game using CryENGINE 3
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